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Tale of Katana

"Tale of Katana" is tailored made service for special customers.


"Katana" refers to Japanese swords. Throughout history, Japanese swords have been considered sacred objects even said to be the soul of the samurai.


As such, we only provide our services through personal contacts or on reference only.


At "Tale of Katana" we offer a unique and tailored service by applying our experience in importing and exporting both in Japan and overseas to meet your needs.


Our expertise lies in selecting high-quality Japanese swords that align with every individual preferences and lifestyles, and proposing personalized crafted Katana based on your life story and personality.


We primarily offer two types of Katana:


・Antique swords: 

These are swords used in Japanese history by samurai lord such as military commander and ninja. We encourage you to listen to the stories emanating from these Katanas.


・Swords crafted by traditional sword craftsmen: 

These swords, made by artisans who continue the tradition to this day, can be used for display as well as for the training of Iaido, a Japanese martial art focusing on the art of drawing one's blade.


Discover the artistry and craftsmanship of Japanese swords with "Tale of Katana" Let us transform your vision into a legacy cherished for generations to come.

​Our Gallery


My name is Akitoshi T

Katana Coordinator & Neros Ltd. ceo

I come from the Rikishin-ryū lineage. My great-great-grandfather practiced a martial arts style involving the Katana, and my great-grandfather used swords in War.

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​Japanese culture

In Japan, there have been numerous customs surrounding Japanese swords that have been passed down for generations. One of these customs is the tradition of giving a sword to protect loved ones. The gift of a Japanese sword has played a significant role in forging connections between individuals, such as the Emperor and feudal lords, shoguns and their retainers, or even among warriors themselves.

This service is also popular as a gift for family, friends, and business partners.

​3 typs of glade


Grade A

This grade offers only high-quality Japanese swords. Each sword is meticulously selected to meet the individual preferences and requirements of our customers.

​USD 19,800 


Grade A+

In addition to the sword itself, Grade A+ includes a display package. This package features specialized display cases and designs that enhance the beauty of the sword.

​USD 23,800


Grade S

Grade S provides special specification swords. These swords hold historical value or special significance and are offered exclusively to a select group of customers. They can be customized with engravings, decorations, and other special features based on the customer's requests.

​USD 40,000

​Contact / Order

Please contact us via the form provided here for orders or inquiries. Once we have received your contact information, we will follow up to discuss your order in further detail. Thank you.

Your email has been sent. We will review it and get back to you shortly. Thank you.

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